Arkansas Champion Trees: An Artist's Journey

Artist Linda Palmer Champion Trees Drawings Selected for Traveling Exhibit
By the Arkansas Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts

Arkansas the Natural State is never more evident than through the Champion Trees Project of Artist Linda Palmer (under the direction of Barbara Satterfield).  As the largest plant on earth, trees have always held a mythic and sacred place in art and history.  From the beginning of time, the religious Tree of Life through the sacred woods of today in India and Japan are valued in all cultures.  To recognize the Champion Trees of Arkansas is of special significance for the State of Arkansas and her people.

The tree is known by art!  Many paintings from the Lascaux Caves (17,300 years old) in France; Vincent van Gogh's swirls and yellow leaves of the Mulberry Tree; Roxy Paines's most recognizable metallic limbs Yield located at Crystal Bridges; and the beloved Christmas Tree, are part of the human existence and the familiarity of our personal surroundings.

Palmer's project has led her on a journey to catalog the Champions of Arkansas with many personal stories and histories as the project progressed.  Incorporating her drawings of the trees and leaves adding the scientific information is not just a registry, but a very personalized history and status of the arkansas cities and counties in which the trees live.

Many thanks to the people involved in this project.

Linda Palmer with Emmy and CINDY awards



AETN recently produced documentary film, "Champion Trees",  won top honors at the regional Emmy and CINDY Awards.  You can view a preview here or order a DVD of the show from Linda Palmer.   Just call her at  (501) 620-3063.  For more information about the awards, visit the AETN Pressroom on their website.




Linda Williams Palmer was asked to participate in the 43rd Annual Invitational of the Longview Museum of Fine Arts in Longview, Texas.  "Dancing Trees II" and "The Waltz" were selected to exhibit in this show.  Visit or click the image for more information.

Linda Williams Palmer was the featured artist for Gallery Central, Hot Springs, AR in October, 2003.